Thanks to Dendy Cinemas, #SheBrisbane has 2 x double passes to attend the ‘BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S’ retro screening on Monday July 31st at 6:30pm at Dendy Portside Cinema! Synopsis: Fortune hunter Holly Golightly finds herself captivated by aspiring writer Paul Varjak, who’s moved into […]

Another Pair Of Hands

We’ve all been there. Too much to do and simply not enough time to do it all. The old “another pair of hands” plea that more often or not results in ……. nothing. Well, help is here in the form of Alice […]

Change Up

Did you hear that Daniel Day Lewis is retiring from acting? THIS A TRAGEDY! Absolute tragedy. What a freakin’ talent. He won three Oscars for Best Actor – the only man ever to do so – and I defy anyone to watch him and […]

Paris Can Wait

France seems to be calling me back. This time it is the South of France trying to rekindle our love affair in the beautiful road trip film ‘Paris Can Wait’. This lovely film stars the ageless Diane Lane, handsome Alec Baldwin and […]

Deanna Lane #SheInspires

Could you please tell us a little about yourself – who you are and what you do professionally? My name is Deanna Lane and I head up a firm called Fastlane Consulting Group our purpose is to energise your business, empower your staff and […]

From Boardroom to Baby

Business Expert Jane Copeland Shares her tips for going out on your own… Here’s a summary of my 5 best tips for aspiring or early stage business owners: 1.What problem are you solving? The bigger and more obvious the problem your product […]


Thanks to Dendy Cinemas, #SheBrisbane has 2 x double passes to attend the ‘ATOMIC BLONDE’ preview screening on Friday July 28th at 6:45pm at Dendy Portside Cinema. Enjoy a goody bag and complimentary drink on arrival! Synopsis: The crown jewel of Her Majesty’s […]

How To Sneak Veggies Into Your Diet

It’s all about balance amirite? I’ve realised that it’s useless to try and stop my inner hungry girl from having dessert when I’m out to dinner, so I made the following deal with her: If I eat 90% healthy food at home and at […]

Paulini – Hits the High Notes in THE BODYGUARD

Paulini Curuenavuli wowed us on Australian Idol with her impressive five – octave range, stunning looks and engaging personality. She is one of Australia’s most uniquely talented performers and has gone from strength to strength since her Idol days. This double platinum award winning […]

On Tour – Christine Johnston!

Do you have a favourite role and/or a favourite stage production? It’s difficult to choose a favourite role or stage production as I have enjoyed them all for different reasons… and continue to enjoy! If I had to choose one that holds a […]

Queenie’s Little Book Of Comfort

Two early childhood educators from Tasmania have written a book to help young children survive family violence. Queenie’s Little Book of Comfort follows Queenie the quoll who, when faced with family violence, seeks help from her neighbour Eric the echidna. “We decided to […]

The Stepford Underpants

Do you believe in Darwin’s Theory of Evolution Dear Reader? I do. Brad Pitt says it so well in the movie Moneyball – adapt or die. You have to keep up with the times. Technology alone, my God! Sometimes by the time I […]


Thanks to the producers Michael Harrison, David Ian and John Frost, SheBrisbane has a double pass to a preview performance of  THE BODYGUARD at the Lyric Theatre, QPAC next Thursday 20th July. Based on the Warner Bros hit movie which starred Whitney […]

Brie Stevensen #SheInspires

What is your background? I’m a make-up artist and hairstylist by trade, I started in theatre and eventually moved into photographic work. I always joke that I could have been born with a make-up brush in my hand! Being on set is so […]

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