20th Spanish Film Festival

April 11, 2017

Hola amigos – although you don’t need to speak Spanish to embrace the wonders of Spanish film in Brisbane as you indulge yourself from the 27th April to 14th May 2017 at the 20th Spanish Film Festival.

This week Palace Barracks held their special media preview screening of “Summer 1993”(or as they say in Spanish, “Estiu 1993”). Michelle Beesley and I had another wonderful opportunity to attend on behalf of SheBrisbane.

Palace Barracks hospitality 

On arrival we were greeted by Ellie Thompson, the Film Festival Coordinator for Palace Cinemas followed by a glass of champagne in hand and canapés to die for. I went to great lengths to control my need to consume more marinated octopus (I call this socially responsible) as it was passed around the packed foyer. I made a mental note to dine at Moda Restaurant on Edward if the canapés were anything to go by, superb food, such gourmet tempters!

Sneak peek into “Summer 1993”

Our movie screening touched our hearts, an autobiographical depiction of a young girls childhood abruptly turned around forever.

It was the summer of 1993 when six -year- old Frida lost her parents and she was forced to move to the country. It soon emerges Frida’s mother’s lifestyle in the hectic city of Barcelona was questionable and her father’s fate was for the audience to conclude. Apart from the physical relocation there were emotional challenges that both Frida and her empathic guardians faced plus the acceptance of her new little innocent sister. There are moments of jealousy, love, and empathy intertwined with local community curiosity and an ending for you to witness.

Spanish movies platter

Where to begin is the question as the movie choices are one huge platter. Suggest you go online to view titles and sessions as they offer various times day and night. You can download the programme in pdf format, handy if you wish to see a few movies on the one day or intend to plan the next couple of weeks.

Plenty of price options for club members, groups, students, pensioners, discounts for multi film purchases. Prices range from $10 to $19.50 for full adult.

You also have the choice of two cinema which is great: Palace Barracks at 61 Petrie Tce, Brisbane or Palace Centro at 39 James St, Fortitude Valley. Both theatres have a stylish ambience about them. You feel relaxed and comfortable in two tastefully renovated art houses.

Compact and easy

What I love about the locations is you don’t have to go any further on arrival. You can eat and drink excellent food at either Palace premises or there are some fabulous places within walking distance i.e. a few metres.

Now that’s how I like it – all compact and easy. For more information on Palace Cinemas, as they are state wide, www.palacecinemas.com.au is the place to go.

I love our film festivals, they always offer something just that little bit different. Brisbane has certainly come of age. Adios mis amigos.

Ruth Greening on Blogger
Ruth Greening
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