Katie and Ruth Greening discuss an enriched versus a rich lifestyle

July 10, 2016

Listen in and read Ruth’s article “Enriched versus a rich lifestyle” – here

Baby Boomers change post

Ruth Greening on Blogger
Ruth Greening
On the birth of her two grandsons, Ruth Greening experienced an awakening in her life. Entering Gen GP (grandparent generation) and given the moniker Nanny Babe as her 'grandmother' title, she found things had changed since her child rearing days, and an adjustment to new parenting concepts was required. Hence the birth of the Nanny Babe blog.

Ruth holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology & Philosophy, completing this degree while working as a hairdresser and supporting her two children as a single mother. Ruth is presently working full-time in contract management and has experience in marketing, modelling, commercials, film and community radio.

Nanny Babe is presently busy with her hobbies—jewellery/crafts, singing, dancing, fitness, memoir writing, blogging and mentoring and facing the challenges of the next ‘retirement’ stage of her life. Connect with Nanny Babe on her blog - hit the link above!