How Pets Can Turn Us Into Better Parents

Somehow, despite our different languages, we have found ways to teach our animal companions to simplify our lives. You’ll often see a golden retriever loyally guiding his human parent without comprehending the concept of blindness, or a rescue pooch diligently searching for […]

5 Reasons Why Decluttering Is Good For You

Have you been feeling frazzled and anxious lately? Maybe questioning your control on life? Are you struggling to unwind and relax? If yes, it could be that it’s time to declutter. Clutter fuels disorganisation and can bring with it embarrassment, stress and […]

School Reunions, Nostalgia And No Idea

The jokes started through our small Facebook group. Was it really thirty years since we left school? Are we really that old? Who is going to go? Who else would be there? Our lives now, dispersed across states and countries, different responsibilities […]

Challenging The Grey Matter!

For a number of years now I have reached for a notepad (paper or electronic) when I am invited to a meeting, asked to prompt a reminder or simply need to remember a pending action. This act of recording all ‘to-do’ items […]

Kerbside (& Relationship) Clean Up

It’s true that Old Adage “One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure” which is why I suspect it’s an Old Adage. This is clearly demonstrated by the annual Kerbside Clean Up currently happening in my suburb. There is nothing like watching impoverished Uni students […]

Sticking To Your Values

Last week I spoke at a Women Leading Business Masterclass on the importance of sticking to your values. I was surprised by the number of women who have contacted me to share how difficult they find it to create boundaries around their professional values. […]

Taking Back Your Downtime

Don’t you love those beautiful times when you just do nothing at all? Stopping, slowing down, unwinding apply to so many aspects of our lives because doing not much is important. You hear about it in conversations around fitness and training, about […]

SheBrisbane’s Top 10 Mother’s Day Picks!

Mother’s Day is fast approaching. Concerned? Don’t panic. SheBrisbane has you covered. Whether you are shopping for mum, grandma, your mother-in-law, or even a friend, we have hand picked 10 beauty essentials to help you cement your spot as favourite! 1. Trilogy Mother’s Day Gift Set Includes: […]

I See Red!

I saw a story recently on that hunky Dr Andrew Rochford’s son being bullied because he has red hair. This is a problem as old as time itself, and I’ve seen it firsthand – as I’ve said previously in this column Dear Reader […]

Lindsey Stirling – Violin Extraordinaire!

Success hasn’t come easy for American electric violinist, dancer and composer Lindsey Stirling, who is on her way to Brisbane. From early childhood, when her parents could only afford half a violin lesson a week, through her struggles with anorexia as a […]

Slow Death By Email

The joy of getting a new computer brings with it much joy yet also much angst. I spent the better part of the weekend trying to move a massive email backup file over to my new shiny laptop only to find a […]

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