Kerri–Anne Kennerley’s A Bold Life

She Brisbane was lucky enough to spend an evening with Australian icon Kerri–Anne Kennerley. Kerri–Anne was in conversation with Brisbane’s own Frances Whiting at the beautiful Brisbane City Hall, lighting up the room as soon as she walked on stage. Reminiscing on […]

Queensland Police In Pie Fight

A leading American sports reporter has run into trouble over the humble Australian meat pie and the Queensland Police have been “forced” to get involved. The conflict erupted after Australian company Four’N Twenty announced a partnership with NBA franchise Philadelphia 76ers, the […]

Vulcana Women’s Circus

Vulcana Women’s Circus are set to present two shows in partnership with Brisbane Powerhouse, Monsteria and The Modern Guide to Heroism and Sidekickery. Monsteria revolves around the ideas of identity and feminine bodies, using circus to portray extreme strength, flexibility and contortion. […]

24 Hour No Brush Challenge

Would you be able to go 24 hours without brushing your hair? Well you better try, because leaving home with untamed locks is now going to help raise awareness for mental health and wellbeing. Professional hair detangling brand, Dessata, has partnered with […]

Nikole Horan #SheInspires

For Brisbane mum of three boys, Nikole Horan, her brush with mental illness was a life-changer. Broken and bewildered, Nikole admitted herself into Brisbane’s Belmont Private Hospital two years ago. Her main respite from the crushing reality of her situation was to […]

Nine Today, The Project tomorrow

At 6:56pm tonight a big name in the Australian TV industry decided to stand her ground and ask for what she deserves…the same amount of money as what her co-host is paid and unfortunately she lost the battle against the female wage […]

Children And Gender

#SheBrisbane came across an interesting article by Kashmira Gander of INDEPENDENT news about trans rights and letting children have more say over their identities… Trans rights have burst into the spotlight in the past few years thanks to high-profile figures like Laverne […]

5 Ways To Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

Our emotions are one of the hardest concepts to wrap our heads around, especially as women, as we are considered to be the more ‘emotional’ species. While we are always thinking of improving our overall intelligence to become more knowledgeable and insightful […]

Ain’t No Cinderella

Indian women have had enough of the cotton wool, bubble wrapped lifestyle that people, especially male politicians are wrapping them in. Now more than ever, they are speaking out against the injustices that are happening in their country and providing a platform […]

Is Instagram Killing our Self Esteem?

Former editor in chief of British Vogue, 59 year old Alexandra Shulman shocked Instagram recently with her bikini selfie. Showing the world an untouched version of herself, she has gained thousands of likes and positive comments on the post, ranging from what an inspiring […]

Second-Hand Grief From Celebrity Relationships

First Brangelina and now another Hollywood golden couple have called it quits. Chris Pratt and Anna Faris announced their split just last week after eight years of marriage, causing an absolute internet frenzy. Their goofy and seemingly nice personalities have won everyone […]

How To Be A Man

I was in an airport lounge the other day flicking through the fancy glossy quarterlies, eating heaps of yummy stuff, having a wine etc.. in fact it was reminiscent of that episode of Kath & Kim where Kath and Kel miss their flight and […]

The Bachelor – True Love or Truly Fake?

The issue of diversity has become a constant discussion point in The Bachelor and other types of reality shows, with cookie cutter, blonde stereotypes representing what’s expected to be a sample of our population. The show cherry picks their own ideal Australian […]

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