Kristie Pain #SheInspires

Like many four year old girls around the world, little Audie Pain from the Gold Coast is going to marry Prince George, currently the third in line to the British throne. She knows this because like many doting great grandmothers around the […]

Dirty Dancing

OK, SheBrisbane readers young and older, today’s tunes to cook by or sip wine by have to be “I’ve Had the Time of My Life”, “She’s Like the Wind” and “Hungry Eyes” from the smash-hit musical drama Dirty Dancing. Why? may you […]

Girls Shoes Exist

Shoe company Clarks in the UK set off a storm last week with two of its new school shoe designs which were were attacked as sexist leading to the girls’ design being quickly removed from sale. A report in the on-lign Australian […]

Shake & stir’s Tenneale Rogers

No matter where Queensland’s shake & stir theatre performs these days there is no doubting it’s a Bloody Good Show. That’s because blood naturally plays a big part in the company’s latest production, Dracula, which has just started a return three-week season […]


Thanks to Transmission Films, #SheBrisbane has 5 x double passes to see MAUDIE. Based on a true story, MAUDIE is an unlikely romance in which the reclusive Everett Lewis (Ethan Hawke) hires a fragile yet determined woman named Maudie (Sally Hawkins) to […]

Farming Celebrated In Iconic EKKA Fashion Parades

‘Back to Nature’ is the theme for this years Royal Queensland Show’s (Ekka) fashion parades. Taking place between August 11 and 20, the parades are celebrating locally sourced fabrics and ethically produced clothing. They are showcasing the connection between farming and fashion, […]

A Really Healthy Pancake!

Pancakes don’t have to be bad for you… This recipe is easy, super yummy and full of protein, potassium and vitamins!  My mum used to make it for us as children and I am determined to continue the tradition for my son… I […]

Second-Hand Grief From Celebrity Relationships

First Brangelina and now another Hollywood golden couple have called it quits. Chris Pratt and Anna Faris announced their split just last week after eight years of marriage, causing an absolute internet frenzy. Their goofy and seemingly nice personalities have won everyone […]

Brisbane Tales From The Grave

Do you ever wonder about the people who are buried in your local cemetery? I know I do. I wonder who the large mausoleums in Toowong Cemetery belong to and about the humble stories of people buried in the little country cemeteries. […]

2017 Ekka Cheat Sheet

You can’t go to a place like the Ekka without a game plan. The Ekka rolls around only once a year so you need to make sure you’re armed with the best information to make the most of a wonderful day out […]

How To Be A Man

I was in an airport lounge the other day flicking through the fancy glossy quarterlies, eating heaps of yummy stuff, having a wine etc.. in fact it was reminiscent of that episode of Kath & Kim where Kath and Kel miss their flight and […]

Rhianna Buchanan #SheInspires

You are Australia’s first ever female Monster Jam truck driver! How did you start driving these monstrous trucks? After I finished studying Event and Hospitality Management, I met my partner who was working in entertainment doing motorbike stunt shows. That’s where I […]

UPLIT- The Brisbane Writers Festival

Readers and writers of Brisbane rejoice as it is soon one of our favourite times of year. This September 6-10 sees over 100 writers converging on Brisbane for the annual Brisbane Writers Festival. UPLIT- The Brisbane Writers Festival is celebrating 55 years (even older […]

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