Saving Tips For Christmas

The summer season is notorious for being a time of big spending, with Christmas and New Years just around the corner, parents need to know that it’s possible to save while shopping. Consumer finance author and mother of two, Jody Allen, shares […]

How Can I Train Myself to Want Less Stuff?

#SheBrisbane came across an interesting article by Charlotte Cowles of THE CUT online magazine and thought we’d share… Every week, I talk to experts about how to make better financial decisions and sometimes they sound like a broken record: Make a plan, […]

Breaking Up I$ Hard To Do!

  Last year there were almost 50,000 divorces granted in Australia, sadly making it one of the most common issues Australian families must deal with. Often, when people think of divorce, they empathise with the emotional impact this has on an individual. […]

Fizz And History!

One of my favourite things about being in the UK is my proximity to Champagne! It’s my tipple of choice. There is just so much availability and affordability here. You can scoot down to your closest corner store and pick up a […]

Move Your Wheelie Bin Over, Or Else

As a long term professional renter, finding a voice about your communal living spaces is almost impossible. Between over busy property managers and ageing body corporate secretaries, when will the professional renters get a vote and a voice in the places they […]

Will We Ever Be Able To Retire?

A recent article by Jason Murphy of has crushed the SheBrisbane teams dreams of retiring as it seems it may never happen… “It is becoming more possible that a nice long retirement is not in my future. Like free university education […]

What I found in my fridge

This week I began with good intent, to write about my concerns on our overly-keen government’s focus on our so called ‘nest egg’ superannuation, and I will. However I had been interstate visiting family and friends all weekend, arrived back home on […]